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Arte Nuda means Plain art, naked art or just art or arte in Italian. Arte Nuda  is devoted to the celebration of the beauty of the human form, presented here in a selection of Italian and European nude paintings Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-Classical masterpieces of fine art. We also specialize in the creation of contemporary paintings on all subjects.

Painting Techniques and Art Materials:
The ultimate passion and goal of Arte Nuda / Studio Belle Arti Erotiche is the use of the highest quality oil paints, brushes, canvas, painting mediums, glazing, antiquing and craquelure varnishes and museum quality picture frames. All oil paintings are shipped securely rolled in a tube unframed, unless stated otherwise. To see samples of our work please visit our nude paintings gallery . all the paintings in the gallery are our interpretation of the masterpiece.

Valentino, the 'maestro' at  Studio arti Erotiche welcomes commissions of original academic copies of the erotic paintings of the masters and also original contemporary paintings on all subjects. All commissions will be executed using only the highest quality oil paints, brushes and linen canvas.

Excellence is the driving force of Studio Belle Arti Erotiche. All commissioned paintings are true bona fide originals, painted from scratch on the highest quality linen canvas primed personally by the artist , finished by the artist and finally signed by the artist himself!. No high volume, no 'ersatz' copies, no clever fakes.
Because if it took up to six months for great artists like Caravaggio, Poussin or Ingres to finish a single masterpiece, who could possibly claim to be able to finish one of those masterpieces in a matter of just a few weeks?